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JG Speedfit Programmable Room Thermostat JGPRTE

JG Speedfit Programmable Room Thermostat JGPRTE


Price: 64.68 (Including VAT at 20%)


Main Features:

  • Individual zonal temperature control
  • 5 day/2 day or 7 day programme
  • Multi functional
A slimline Digital Programmable Room Thermostat to give individual time and temperature control on a 5day/2 day or 7 day programme to allow for different time settings for every day of the week providing total flexibility. Offers the facility of up to 4 different time and temperature settings per day. The thermostats are multi-functional and self learning. This means that to avoid unnecessary use of energy, the thermostat will delay the heating start up until the last possible moment needed to achieve comfort level at the programmed time.

The thermostat features a large backlit display which makes for easy reading when in use, and has the facility to connect to a remote probe part number JGPROBE

A holiday function reduces the set temperature to a frost setting during a holiday period and reverts back to comfort level at the end of a predetermined period