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JG Speedfit Wireless Single Room Underfloor Heating Pack JGUFHWPACK30/2

JG Speedfit Wireless Single Room Underfloor Heating Pack JGUFHWPACK30/2


Price: 977.76 (Including VAT at 20%)

For conservatories or room extensions up to 30m2

Pack contains:

1 x Control Unit
1 x Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat
2 x 15mm x 100m Coil of Pipe
300 x Pipe Clips
8 x Pipe Inserts
2 x 15mm Speedfit Equal Tees
2 x 15mm Speedfit Stem Elbows
1 x 2 Zone Wireless Receiver

Further Details
JG Speedfit Underfloor Heating Packs are made up conveniently so you get everything you need for your project in one box. specifically the packs consist of: A Control Unit The Control Unit (JGROOMPACK) comes pre assembled and pre-wired and has integral ballvalves to allow for isolation from the primary system, an adjustable blending valve to control the temperature of the water and a high quality 6 metre head circulating pump. An antivibration mounting bracket ensures silent operation. Programmable Room Thermostat The thermostat gives individual time and temperature, with a simple menu for easy adjustment. Control can be either 5 day/2 day or 7 day with up to 4 different time and temperature settings per day. Speedfit Barrier Pipe All Speedfit barrier pipe is lightweight and flexible with an inner barrier to prevent the ingress of Oxygen molecules. Manufactured and Kitemarked to BS7291 Class S.