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JG Speedfit Wiring Centre - 8 zone JGUH3

JG Speedfit Wiring Centre - 8 zone JGUH3

Ref: JGUH3

Price: 95.75 (Including VAT at 20%)

Discontinued - No longer available

Main Features:

  • Easy to wire
  • 4 time clock connections
Easily wired up, the wiring centre offers a simple solution for the control of Underfloor Heating, plus hot water and 1 radiator circuit, conveniently allowing all to be wired to a central base.

Of 4 Time clock connections, 2 are dedicated for setback zones and 2 are user selectable for hot water, towel rail or radiator circuits.

Neons indicate Zone, Power, Water, Pump, Boiler and Motorised Valve operation. Dedicated connections for Boiler, UFH Pump UFH Motorised Valve, 4 Channel Time Clock, Actuators etc.

JGUH3 can also be used for the control of Energy Saver Radiator Zones