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Polypipe Underfloor Heating Installation Videos

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The underfloor heating videos below give step-by-step instruction on how to fit the various different Polypipe hot water underfloor heating systems.

Unlike radiator-based systems, underfloor heating ensures an even dispersion of heat across your entire room, delivering a comfortable environment with no cold spots or draughts and in general we all feel more comfortable when we are in an environment where our feet are warmer than our heads.

This is exactly the environment achieved with underfloor heating and the opposite of radiators.

How To Fit The Solid Floor Underfloor Heating System - Video

The solid floor underfloor heating system from Polypipe is designed primarily for new-build scenarios but can be also used for renovation projects. It comprises three key components; the 15mm polyplumb barrier pipe, the polypipe red floor panels and the edge insulation coils. The video shows how the floor panels fit together. They can be easily cut but it is often easier to simply lock them together by overlaping the castelations.

It goes on to take you through the process of laying the pipe in a spiral pattern into the centre of the room and then after a return bend spiralling back out again and shows the use of conduit pipe to protect the barrier pipe as it enters and exits the screed, or where it passes from room to room through edge insulation. Buy Polypipe Solid Floor Underfloor Heating Products

How To Fit The Polypipe Overlay and Overlay Lite Underfloor Heating Systems - Video

The Overlay and Overlay Lite underfloor heating systems are retrofit systems for use over the top of existing floors. Both systems use 12mm barrier pipe and End Returns. The Overlay system uses dense fibre-board overlay panels that are joined together with glue and are suitable for heavyweight floor coverings whereas the Overlay Lite system uses the lightweight insulated Overlay Lite floor panels with high compressive strength that are joined together with aluminium tape and are designed for use with lightweight floor coverings.

The video shows instalation starting from a corner where the pipes will enter and leave the room and gives some useful tips to help make your project run smoothly such as using pipe off-cuts to keep the panels correctly aligned while the glue sets.

Each circuit of overlay pipe covers 11m2 and the Overlay Lite panels are laid in the same way. They can easily be cut to size with a sharp knife.

Buy Overlay Underfloor Heating Products.
Buy Overlay Lite Underfloor Heating Products.

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How To Fit The Polypipe Modular Heating Panel System - Video

The Polypipe Modular Heating Panel (MHP) system is very simple to install and is particularly useful when installation is taking place into upper floors. It comprises just a few products; the Modular Heating Panels (supplied in packs of five), the 15mm barrier pipe, and a few polyplumb fittings.

MHP is a pre-configured solution where all the floor heating componenets are supplied fitted within complete panels which are simply connected on site. Pipe circuitry is based on 10mm diameter pipe.They are designed to be quickly fitted into the existing joist voids and connected to a standard heat source. MHP works well with both traditional and engineered joists and can be fitted from above or below.

The video shows the pipe being fitted through the joists and the panels are screwed into place with screws and washers. Up to three panels can be connected to each other in series before reconnencting to the flow and return pipework.

Buy Polypipe Modular Heating Panels

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How To Fit Polypipe Floating Floor Underfloor Heating - Video

Polypipe's floating floor system of underfloor heating can be used in new builds or as a retrofit solution. It is useful where a solid floor installation is not suitable due to weight limitations or where a 'dry build' floor option is preferred and it can be installed on top of either solid or timber floors.

It uses 50mm high density floating floor panels and single heat spreader plates. The spreader plates can be overlapped to avoid cutting when fitted, and the video shows how the pipe is fitted into the spreader plates and the direction of the pipe as it is laid.

Once completed the system wil require an 18mm chipboard to be fitted over the top before floor coverings can be fixed.

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How To Fit The Polypipe Suspended Floor Underfloor Heating System - Video

The Suspended floor underfloor heating system comprises 15mm barrier pipe and the 450mm wide polypipe double heat spreader plates that are fitted above joist level. The spreader plates are designed to fit between standard 450mm centre joists and are pinned into position while the pipe is fitted.

The video shows the Spreader plates and pipe being fitted and demonstrates how the pipe needs to be directed through notches cut into the joists. After it has been fitted the system can be covered in either 18mm chipboard or traditional floor boards.

Buy Polypipe Suspended Floor Underfloor Heating Products

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Polypipe Underfloor Heating - Expert in a Minute Video

A brief overview of the Polypipe underfloor heating systems available.

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More Information

More Information

Embarking on a large underfloor heating project can be a duanting task so we have put together as much information as possible to help you make informed choices regarding the best products for your needs.

For more information about Underfloor Heating why not take a look at some of the other sources of information on our site:

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We also sell John Guest Speedfit

We also sell John Guest Speedfit

Speedfit Underfloor Heating LogoUnderfloor Heating Depot now also sells JG Speedfit Underfloor Heating.

Our aim is to bring you the top brands at trade prices and John Guest speedfit are a well renowned brand that have been manufacturing in the UK for over 50 years.

Please click here to buy JG speedfit Underfloor Heating produicts which includes their revolutionary new Layflat Barrier Pipe which is now making the lives of plumbers and heating installers much easier.

For small extensions or conservatories John Guest have some 'one-box' solutions available. See the JG Speedfit Underfloor Heating Packs for more information. The 30m2 Wireless Underfloor Heating Pack is a particularly popular choice.

See The JG Speedfit Underfloor Heating Videos

JG Speedfit have also produced a number of videos covering all their different underfloor heating systems. CLick to see the John Guest Speedfit Videos which all give step by step guides to help you choose the right system for you.