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What are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating?

What are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating?

Radiant Heat

Unlike radiator-based systems, underfloor heating ensures an even dispersion of heat across your entire room, delivering a comfortable environment with no cold spots or draughts.

In general we all feel more comfortable when we are in an environment where our feet are warmer than our heads.

This is exactly the environment achieved with underfloor heating and the opposite of radiators.

Energy Efficiency

Underfloor heating is far more controllable than radiator based systems and heat is only delivered where and when it is required.

Polypipe underfloor heating also works perfectly with heat pumps as our systems operate at relatively low water temperatures, maximising the efficiency of the heat pump.


Polypipe offers a range of solutions to suit any type of home and budget, making underfloor heating accessible to everyone.

What’s more, you can easily integrate our underfloor heating systems with all existing heat sources, including renewable sources.

So whether you need underfloor heating for a new-build property, a complete house renovation, or just a single room, Polypipe can provide a seamless, adaptable underfloor heating solution for your particular needs

Design Freedom

Removing radiators from your walls gives you the freedom to design your home the way you want.

Furniture can be placed anywhere you like! No longer do you have to worry about blocking the heat output from wall-mounted radiators with your sofa or floor-length curtains.

Underfloor heating truly gives you complete design freedom.

Safe Living Environment

Radiators can reach a heat of around 80°C and often present sharp metal edges, making them a real risk to small children, elderly or infirm occupants.

Underfloor heating systems remove this risk completely from your home.

Maintenance Free

With a 50-year guarantee*, Polypipe’s underfloor heating systems are virtually maintenance free.

Meaning, once it’s installed, you can forget about it and just enjoy the benefits that it brings.

Our advanced underfloor heating systems are also quieter than most other leading products, making it even easier to relax in your new warm, comfortable and tranquil environment.

Testing and Guarantee

All Polypipe products are manufactured and tested to the highest standards to ensure maximum quality and performance.

Accreditations, standards and guarantees- one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of plastic plumbing and heating products, Polypipe Building Products Ltd has developed a unique range of underfloor heating solutions. Designed for installation into both existing and new build projects all Polypipe products are manufactured and tested to highest standards to ensure maximum quality and performance.

For further quality assurance all Polypipe products carry the following Standards and System Approvals:

Polypipe underfloor heating products, excluding manifolds and control products, are covered by a 50 year Guarantee*, which protects against defects in materials or manufacture of the underfloor heating system from date of purchase. This guarantee only applies if the system is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and is used in a normal domestic operation. This document should be read in conjunction with all other documentation supplied with Polypipe products. If you have any queries, please contact the Polypipe Technical Hotline on 01709 770000.

Polypipe Underfloor Heating Video

You can find more videos on our Underfloor Heating Videos page or why not take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.